Report  Where Is My Data? 2015

Report Where Is My Data? 2015

Carolina Botero & Laura Mora

Book 3 of ¿Dónde están mis Datos?

Language: English

Publisher: Fundación Karisma

Published: May 19, 2015


For this report, Karisma Foundation examined publicly available policies and terms of use of four of the largest Internet service providers (ISPs) as measured by number of subscribers. We relied on the quarterly ICT report of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MinTIC, in Spanish) which shows that nearly 91 percent of registered subscribers use one of four companies operating in Colombia: Telmex Colombia S.A., UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones S.A., Colombia TelecomunicacionesS.A. (Telefónica) and ETB S.A. (ETB). We also included a fifth company—DirecTV—because it recently began offering Internet service and, as a multinational company, it has had a great impact in Colombia. While UNE and Tigo merged in 2014, bothcompanies have separate policies and the report focuses only on UNE, which operatessubstantially outside the capital, Bogota.