Internet the cuban way 2.0

Internet the cuban way 2.0

Regina Coyula & Karina Gálvez & Rosalía Viñas

Book 2 of Internet a la cubana

Language: English

Publisher: Fundación Karisma

Published: Sep 27, 2016


The Internet is a reality in Cuba. Although going online in Cuba has its own unique characteristics, it can no longer be said that it is an unattainable reality for its inhabitants. Since mid 2015, with the opening of public access WIFI areas in some streets and parks of Cuba’s main cities, connecting to the web stopped being a privilege of the few: namely tourists, and the small group of professions and institutions authorized to have workplace or home access (e.g. doctors, lawyers, journalists or senior officials). Slowly, everyday people have begun to enjoy its benefits.